Statement on Daniel Pocock

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Fri Nov 19 03:23:11 PST 2021

On 19/11/2021 01:09, grarpamp wrote:
> On 11/18/21, zeynepaydogan <zeynepaydogan at> wrote:
>> “ The contents of these posts involve not only Debian, but also a number of
>> its Developers and volunteers. He has also continued to misrepresent himself
>> as being a member of the Debian Community in much of his communication and
>> public presentations. Legal action is being considered for, amongst other
>> things, defamation, malicious falsehood and harassment.”
> Is Pocock aware of all the problems with Tor Project Inc
> and its tor software that have been exposed on this list
> including blatant censorship of all its fora, putting users
> at risk via that and shamelessly deceptive advertising
> re weakness to traffic analysis and sybil, also hiring
> hiring government agents with government funds,
> focusing more on corporate woketivism than on code,
> defrauding buyers of nft's, etc...
> Some of these sites may be what that Debian link is talking about...

I was an administrator of the Google Summer of Code for Debian

I clearly resigned in August 2018:

I did not say anything at the time in public but basically a number of
people had relationships with interns and for ethical and professional
reasons I can't tolerate that.  I quit.

Some of the Debian/Ubuntu/Google people have very loose or non-existent
ethical boundaries.

There are numerous pictures of the Debian Project Leader, Chris Lamb,
with a young Albanian woman sitting next to him at DebConf19 in Brazil.
This woman was not a speaker.  People ask: why did they buy her a ticket
to Brazil?  Two months after that dinner she was granted an Outreachy
internship, that is $6000 of money that people donated to Debian and in
the absence of any explanation, people are angry at the possibility so
much money went to the leader's girlfriend.

They are constructing all these malicious attacks on volunteers to
distract from the corrupt leadership behavior, that is the real motive.

Some of the same Debian oligarchs are co-conspirators in the child labor
program at FSFE.  Somebody has leaked the information about Elio Qoshi,
a Mozilla Tech Speaker, harboring an underage girlfriend and they think
the information came from me.

Once again, for ethical and professional reasons I can't tolerate that
but the Debian/Ubuntu/Google people with loose or non-existent ethical
boundaries think it is all OK as long as they don't get caught.

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