Cryptocurrency: ETH Just As Shady As BTC, XRP etc , Propaganda, Privacy

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 17 18:49:43 PST 2021

You don't have to assume anything about ETH to note that Vitalik Buterin recently praised Avalanche and the Ethereum networks beginning to copy AVAX features like proof-of-stake and fee-burns to name just two. 
The big two Btc and Eth - have lurched from Kludge to Kludge in their histories. Which is perfectly understandable as first-movers. But emotions shouldn't color the decisions any hard-nosed investor will make moving forward. The difference between the first internet boom and this one is this one is more meritocratic - the Doges bark and the caravan moves on.

And here endeth the sermon.

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