Avalanche of anarchism

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 17 18:40:14 PST 2021

Bitcoin’s losses triggered a market-wide sell-off, pulling down the total crypto-market cap by almost 13% in just two days. Most of the top twenty altcoins noted sharp red candles, while some even presented double-digit daily losses. Meanwhile, the 12th ranked altcoin, Avalanche (AVAX), made another all-time high above $100, charting 11.75% daily and 9.36% weekly gains.


Standing out like this in the top 15 I regard as glorious publicity equivalent to spending a billion on advertising in London and LA with Matt Damon. Better!

Step aside ADA, SOL and DOT. Let a real closer through.


Standing out like this makes Avax the sole heir to Ethereum’s thousands and even big Gods tens-of-thousands valuation.

A watershed moment for robust, transparent & ecologically sound global-anarchism.

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