Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Jury can review videos, but question from jury raises debate about drone video evidence

jim bell jdb10987 at
Wed Nov 17 13:01:46 PST 2021

A request from jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial sparked debate in the courtroom over a drone video already played during testimony.
----------------Jim Bell's comment:
Cypherpunks should advocate that whenever  such evidence is collected, it must be published immediately (hours?) albeit perhaps encrypted and concealed as to exact location.  
Say, the first day, the public notation will show a circle inside of which the data was taken would be 2000 miles in diameter, the second day 1000 miles diameter, more precise each day.  Like Craigslist does when locating a seller.  Eventually, a few weeks later, the location will be identified to within 2 meters.
So, those collecting that evidence won't have an option to 'lose' or 'omit' or alter that evidence.  Everyone who wants a copy can have it, although initially encrypted.  The cops/FBI won't be able to tamper with this evidence after its immediate publication, without such fraud being detected later on when the full encryption keys must be revealed to the publicly.
Don't bother arguing that 'cops' shouldn't be able to collect such evidence.  Outdoors, on public property, is generally considered free for anyone to record, including ordinary citizens.
I contend that the real danger is that law enforcement will be able to express bias by selectively disclosing (or concealing) such evidence, including manipulating it later to conceal or misrepresent 'facts'.

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