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Wed Nov 17 02:33:48 PST 2021

> Austria Orders Lockdown For The Unvaxx'd, Directs Police To Carry Out
> Spot-Checks

Persecution, Discrimination, Nazi Regimes... and so it has begun...

Austrian Police Patrol Shops, Highways Hunting For The Unvaxx'd

After the government put unvaccinated people under their own lockdown,
video out of Austria shows police patrolling shops and highways
checking people’s vaccination status.

In a move that was confirmed over the weekend, authorities have now
imposed a lockdown that only affects the unjabbed, meaning they can
only leave their homes for “essential reasons” such as food shopping.

These measures, which are the first of their kind in the world, impact
the roughly 35 per cent of Austrians who haven’t had both doses of the

The new rules were introduced as a result of a COVID spike and soaring
ICU patients (because the vaccine works so well).

Footage out of Austria shows uniformed police patrolling shopping
malls checking people’s vaccination status against a state database.

    Austria 🇦🇹 today: Police stopping people and checking their
papers to make sure the unvaccinated are not hiding among the

    — Dr. Eli David (@DrEliDavid) November 15, 2021

Another clip showed a police officer stopping a vehicle on a highway
to check vaccination status.

Those caught outside without proof of vaccination face fines of up to $1,660.

Last week, Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said the
lockdown was designed to make the unvaccinated “suffer” as everyone
else had done during earlier lockdowns.

Whether these draconian patrols will continue remains to be seen.

After France introduced a vaccine passport system, video footage
showed cops patrolling cafes and bars checking medical papers,
although these patrols appeared to be designed to intimidate more than
become routine because they largely stopped immediately after.

Many unvaccinated employees are being sent home in Austria because
there isn’t enough testing capacity to allow them to obtain a negative

The government is also having to compensate businesses who are losing
up to 35 per cent of their income from unvaccinated customers who are
not allowed to enter their premises.

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