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Bidenomics, Democrats failed at maths,
and Constitution class ...
Biden administration officials are insisting that the surge of
inflation is “transitory.”
Get ready for a winter of discontent, thanks to Joe Biden.
How many Biden appointees are willing to see Americans shivering in
the cold this winter as long as they can boast of reductions in US
emissions at the next international climate summit? ... an Ice Age for
the White House.
But the punchline is that the NY Times admits that the fares will only
stay stable for "at least six months"
Biden Reportedly Begged China To Release Oil Reserves During Xi Call
What did President Biden offer in return for this 'favor' from China?
Ask Hunter Biden.

> Joe "Mr. Unconstitutional" Biden

"It's Terrifying" - Judge Andrew Napolitano Warns Federal Government's
Behavior Crosses Constitutional Lines

Without even hearing the federal government's argument on the
imposition of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, it's very obvious they are in
violation of the constitution based on the actions taken by seated
judges', according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Judge of the New
Jersey Superior Court.

In an exclusive interview with anchor Daniela Cambone of Stansberry
Research, Napolitano joins to share a gleamingly judicial perspective
on current legislation passed from the federal government to circuit
courts, which requires large employers to mandate employees to get
vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing.

This being a first time, as pointed out by Judge Napolitano to
Cambone, the federal government has moved the goalposts when imposing
federal powers related to the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration. "The federal government, through the department of
labor, through OSHA, has never claimed the right to force employers to
enforce a federal regulation, [and] not a federal statute that was
enacted by Congress."

Biden's efforts to enact policies overstepping constitutional lines
fall short of anything greater than a "whim," Judge Napolitano says,
and the congress won't enact legislation because members know they
won't be there once their respective terms' end due to the
unpopularity of this position.

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary order that
blocked President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses
with over 100 employees from taking effect, siding with Utah and
several other states on Friday.

"It's terrifying to me that [the U.S. government's] behavior no longer
shocks," he says. "It is the dulling of our sensitivities and
sensibilities, between right and wrong, that terrifies me," Judge
Napolitano concludes.

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