APster assassination markets are prediction markets

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue Nov 16 20:28:22 PST 2021

Where-ever prediction markets are used widely ( a Futarchy ) APster assassination markets will be more common as a subset of them. And both are starting to become more popular.
So called ' cancellations ' may be seen as a soft form of assassination. 
Crypto-currency got so big so fast it left some of these corollaries behind. 
But no matter how big crypto-currencies get they will always remain a subset of crypto-anarchy.
Imagining a world of peaceful agorism without APster is just wishful thinking & fantasy.
The more cryptoanarchism takes over the more these Ancap wankers will be marginalized.
As they have been here since 1995.
And if they ever become a nuisance - for example, providing cover for known fascists like Thiel Kochsucker, Pooter and Trump-types - they will be cancelled with extreme prejudice. 

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