[spam][crazy][personal] an early sunday

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:16:25 PST 2021

it's monday evening

I got outdoors again.  next step is reaching my bedding.

I made libperfectflush!  it's an unusable python package draft at

The theory behind libshreddedandmutilitatedpossibilities I that if you burn
your possessions in a bonfire you can make a ton of money selling them
online if you invent a time machine and travel back in time to before you
turned them into ashes.

libdeadgraveyards is a small hodgepodge of interfaces that could connect to
cryptocurrency networks if somebody added more design and code to make them
do that.

I do have it enumerating transactions on the electrumx network (a small p2p
blockchain rpc federation) in the repl.  i've been adding file enumeration
parts but my body has started seriously disobeying me when I move towards
the code.

the _only_ way to cover up a genocide is to put all the dead bodies right
in the faces of the super powerful peace council.  dumpsters _do not
work_.  So, i'm making a really big incinerator so we can preserve all our
data by vaporizing it together!
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