FDA lied about Ivermectin

cherry cherry at cpal.pw
Fri Nov 12 19:16:25 PST 2021

> > On 11/11/21 8:16 AM, David Barrett wrote:
> > > Can you help me understand what motivation a conspiracy of all the
> > > world's health agencies would have to intentionally
> > > suppress lvermectin?

> On Fri, Nov 12, 2021, 3:19 PM cherry <cherry at cpal.pw  
> > To kill as many people as possible, thus increasing the wealth, power
> > and importance of all the world's health agencies.

On 11/12/21 3:27 PM, David Barrett wrote
> To confirm I understand, who specifically in the FDA is personally 
> profiting by orchestrating the deaths of US citizens?

Fauci is wealthy.  So are most of his colleagues  His wealth comes from 
business deals with businesses who need his approvals for medications in 
which they have monopolies.

So highly effective medications that anyone can make, and which are thus 
reasonably cheap, such as Ivermectin, cut into his wealth, while deaths 
that frighten people, causing them to purchase medications from 
businesses that have monopolies in some medicine, increase his wealth 
and power and that of his colleagues.

So the more Americans that die as a result of problems that are arguably 
medical, the richer and more powerful Fauci and the rest of his team gets.

You will notice that the death rate among young people has risen 
substantially since vaccination started.  Every child that suffers heart 
attack or stroke makes Fauci and his colleagues richer and more powerful.

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