Kyle Rittenhouse - Dead Man Walking

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Nov 12 18:58:48 PST 2021

For the purposes of this deadpool he's a man ( My 20 sats )

sannewman - Nov 11
Does anyone believe that if a Black kid had driven to another state with an illegal firearm, shot three right-wing protesters, then posed for snapshots laughing and drinking with some antifa guys, there would be any chance of him walking free

ArtfulDodger183 - 22h
Replying to @RepPress @b1daly and @joshtpm
Seems to me that I can remember a time when bystanders who chased a person with an ‘assault rifle’ away from crowds would be considered heroes not aggressors or however they’re being portrayed.

Kyle Rittenhouse at age 17 & with no license, drove across state lines with an illegal AR-15 to hunt BLM protesters, shot 3 people, killing 2. He is not a medic or EMT & took no medical supplies. He’d talked about shooting people at CVS weeks prior. But sure. He idolized cops.

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