Re: Federal court orders Justice Department to stop extracting data from James O’Keefe's phones

jim bell jdb10987 at
Fri Nov 12 16:53:51 PST 2021

However, people won't NEED people like O'Keefe once an AP-like system is operating.
While I haven't followed Project Veritas in detail, I have no problem, generally, with people who want to expose the hypocrisy of others.
If the left-wing want to do that, as well, more power to them.  But, I think the current political environment has much more left-wing hypocrisy to expose.
  On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 1:24 PM, professor rat<pro2rat at> wrote:   I find O'Keefe is a scumbag criminal who won't last five minutes of APster deployment.

And - once again - Jim Dumbell proves he's TSTBALAA ( Too stupid to be activist let alone anarchist ) 
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