FDA lied about Ivermectin

cherry cherry at cpal.pw
Fri Nov 12 15:19:18 PST 2021

On 11/11/21 8:16 AM, David Barrett wrote:
> Can you help me understand what motivation a conspiracy of all the 
> world's health agencies would have to intentionally suppress lvermectin?

To kill as many people as possible, thus increasing the wealth, power 
and importance of all the world's health agencies.

Invermectin is out of patent, so it is very cheap, and anyone can make 
it.  Lots of obscure businesses with no connection to power can and do 
make it.

The powerful want you to use treatments that are a under patent or 
license, so that only businesses that are in good with the Most Holy 
Medical Priesthood of official science and manufacture those treatments.

Fauci get massive bribes for approving treatments - no one is going to 
bribe him to approve lvermectin, because anyone can make it.


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