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professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Nov 12 15:04:55 PST 2021

13% of Americans still say they’ll “never” get vaccinated.

> That’s still a lot of dummies.

Says guy who goes around staking random people's heads,
but now claims to be all about caring for their health/life,
such hypocrisy... yet deadly force the noted meme in both. <<<

Objection - " staking random peoples heads ' assumes facts not in evidence.

To clarify further I am not Bill Palmer and reposts are not always endorsements.

Just like GovCorp claims to care but has never
in the entirety of GovCorp history ever treated
humans as anything but inferior underling subject
chattel slaves. <<<

Note that this alleged " GovCorp " aligns perfectly with Marxist-Communist conspiracy theory.

" The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie. "

Discredited Marxist conspiracy theory.

Their choice to risk and die whatever disease they wish or not.
Kudos to the 13% for taking a stand for their choices, and to
those who choose to further defend themselves against such
force, as is their right. <<<

I also defend the individual adults right to suicide.

> But it’s barely half of what the number was six months ago.

Sadly that is well documented proof of GovCorpMedia's
deadly force and plan being applied to oppress freedom as usual.
Equally sad that people cheer such oppression,
especially since Corona has proven it does not care all
that much about anyone's vax or mask or lockdown (just
as any overlaid chart of lockdown and mask regime timeframe
vs cases and deaths proves), and now having swept through all
of society anyways (just like the common cold) such that any
GovCorp claims as to any success of lockdown mask vax
cannot really be made. <<<

Are you accusing any particular journalist of deadly force?  Cos I know one that's a rapist.

And as with shilling up GovMilBank by falsely
claiming more crypto electrons, fake an-archy-ist
proposes physical and job and social violence
to forcefully inject people. Typical socialist scum
always trying to force freedom liberty back into their
commune at point of death destruction street mayhem. <<<

Assertions without evidence may be dismissed without examining.

And PalmerReport is a laughably weak copypaste wannabe,
yet somehow deemed a worshippable speaker for and by the Leftists. <<<

I will put my record of opposing Dumpocraps, including Palmer, up against anyone.
And - again - reposts are not necessarily endorsements.

Here's a fair deal Gramps - if you stop lying about me I will stop telling the truth about you.

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