This bs Bitcoin Magazine "tension between privacy and scarcity " exposed

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 7 20:43:28 PST 2021

Jeff Epstein, sorry, Jim Epstein, sorry, Alex GLADSTEIN: I guess, what I want to get at here is that you start to see this concept of scarcity come in, and there's been this tension between privacy and scarcity, always. Not just technologically and from an engineering trade-off perspective, but also culturally, because it seems like even today, a lot of the privacy community is hostile to the scarcity component of Bitcoin. .."

Cryptoanarchy assumes privacy is not a scarce good  - " privacy for the poor - transparency for the powerful '.
And Bitcoin's divisibility makes it crypto-anarchist 'enough' to catalyze an ongoing world revolution.
 Bitcoin is divisible by up to eight decimal points and, if required, the divisibility of bitcoin can be increased to 100 billion smaller parts.
Don't piss liquidity on our leg and tell us there's a credit-squeeze. 

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