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Noam Chomsky joins Joe Biden in the Asshole Club...

Noam Chomsky Goes Off The Deep End – Proving That All Socialism Leads
To Tyranny

I was recently watching a new interview with 92-year-old Noam Chomsky,
a figure of general worship among leftist academics, and I began
reminiscing about the first time I read the book ‘Manufacturing
Consent’. Though I have never agreed with Chomsky’s politics I have
always appreciated his analysis on the methods the establishment uses
to control mass psychology and silence popular discourse. I have long
felt that this was an area where the political left and conservatives
might intersect in our views and find common ground. This is why I
felt an extra dose of disappointment when I witnessed Chomsky go off
the deep end this week and suggest that people who refuse to comply
with vaccine mandates need to be ostracized from society.

Chomsky compared people who don’t comply with the vaccines to people
who don’t comply with traffic lights, suggesting we pose an imminent
danger to others and that we should be removed. When asked how
unvaxxed people forced out of the economy could be fed (how would they
survive), he asserted “that is their problem.” Chomsky does not
explicitly say that force should be used to eliminate the unvaxxed
from social participation, he merely insinuates that “actions” might
be required to get the desired effect.

I was around 20 years of age back in 2001 when I first read
Manufacturing Consent. I was young and not fully aware at the time of
a basic function of the political left and socialism that is vital to
understand: Many people claim there is a “spectrum” of political
beliefs on the left and that there are those that support socialism or
centralization while also supporting freedom, but this is simply not
so. At the core of their ideology freedom has no home, and when
pressed on where they truly stand every socialist WILL eventually
support tyranny as a means to achieve their Utopian vision of society.

Chomsky has long claimed himself to be a “libertarian socialist.” In
the past I have found that a classic misdirection of covertly
authoritarian people is to tack the “libertarian” label onto whatever
they believe in. Con-men like Chomsky figure that most normies don’t
actually know what libertarianism is, but they’ll assume it means that
you “support liberty.” It’s a calculated abuse of the ideology
designed to mask the collectivist’s true intentions.

I don’t even know that I personally fit into the libertarian
framework, but I do hold some of its basic tenets as fundamental.

A key pillar of libertarianism is the Non-Aggression Principle – A
foundational rule for society that says the use of force or coercion
to impose one’s beliefs or ideology on others is wrong, and the use of
force in general is wrong unless it is in defense of yourself or the
lives of others. The problem with socialists and collectivists is that
they ALWAYS find a way to claim that their brand of force is somehow
in defense of the lives of others. That is to say, the “greater good”
is the go-to excuse for all modern totalitarians.

Chomsky will claim that his hard-line stance against unvaccinated
people is predicated on saving lives, and that’s the great swindle.
When science and logic is applied, we see that the vax mandates have
nothing to do with protecting the lives or safety of the public. That
said, those same mandates are very effective in elevating the
socialist goal of total centralization. How convenient…

Chomsky’s bias is evident in the lack of rational thought he puts
forward. In fact, Chomsky never addresses the basic contradictions
inherent in his claim that traffic laws and vaccine mandates are the

Firstly, covid mandates are NOT laws; they are dictates that have
never been voted on by a single legislature nor the American people.
This means mandates are meaningless in a legal sense. At least with
new traffic laws the voters or legislators get some say in potential
changes. The vaccine mandates are purely totalitarian in nature and
completely circumvent all constitutional checks and balances.

Imagine if one day Biden assumed defacto control over all traffic
rules, and then claimed the authority to deny all people who run red
lights access to the majority of jobs and the overall economy? That
would be absurd, right? Well, that’s exactly what Biden and his
globalist handlers are doing with the covid mandates.

Secondly, obeying a traffic light is not the same as allowing yourself
to be injected with a barely tested experimental mRNA cocktail – a
“vaccine” which numerous health and virology professionals have warned
could have potentially damaging side effects including autoimmune
disorders, blood clots and infertility. Traffic lights have been in
existence for decades; we know a red light is not going to harm our
health. The covid vaccines have been in existence for about a year and
have no long term testing (that has ever been released to the public)
to back their safety.

All vaccines in common usage today were tested for at least 10 to 15
years before being released for use on the wider population. The covid
vaccines were slapped together at “warp speed”, at least according the
official story. Who are the guinea pigs for these mRNA jabs? The
entire human population. Every person in the country is now considered
a guinea pig.

We have no idea what the implications of this unprecedented experiment
will be in the next few years.

Chomsky’s comparisons are obviously ridiculous and it’s frustrating
that I’m required to point this out.  One would think that the
co-author of ‘Manufacturing Consent’ would be able to easily discern
the massive differences in terms of violating public freedom. But, for
some reason he can’t seem to grasp the foolishness at the heart of his
debate. Or, he is being deliberately ignorant because he thinks, like
many globalists, that there is something to be gained in going along
with the farce…

The “greater good” theory is meant to either appeal-to or silence
conservatives and libertarians that oppose the vaccines on the grounds
of the non-aggression principle. Covid mandates rely on the claim that
the unvaccinated are an integral danger to society as a whole, and
thus force is justified. Now, I have been asking this question over
and over again for the past year to any vax fanatic I run across, and
not a single person has come up with a valid counter-argument:

If the vaccines work, then how are unvaccinated people a threat to
vaccinated people? If the vaccines don’t work, then why take them in
the first place and why mandate them?

What does Chomsky think the average death rate of covid actually is?
Is he aware that according to dozens of peer reviewed studies the
median Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of covid is only 0.27%? Who
exactly are the unvaxxed a threat to? Less than 1% of the population?
And if we are actually a threat to these people, then maybe THEY
should take the vaccines, if they think the vaccines truly work.

What about the fact that vaccinated people still transmit the disease
to others, according the the CDC narrative?

Furthermore, new studies from countries with very high rates of
vaccination have shown that natural immunity formed by people who have
already had covid (like I have) is superior in protection against
future contraction or transmission of the covid virus. Natural
immunity is up to 27 times more effective than the vaccines. It trumps
the jab to an epic degree.

And what about all those breakthrough cases and deaths of fully
vaccinated people? Chomsky must be ignoring those as well. Nearly 60%
of all people hospitalized in Israel are fully vaccinated; 56% of all
covid deaths from April to October in Ireland were people who received
at least one vaccination. Who caused that? Unvaxxed people most of
whom have superior natural immunity? Or, vaccinated people with low
comparative immunity and the ability to transmit the disease?

Maybe Chomsky just isn’t educated on the science, or maybe he doesn’t
care. Either way, his mentality is destructive and typical of
socialists and leftists.

I am reminded of a radio show I did many years ago out of the UK which
presented itself as a kind of liberty forum. As it turned out, the
host was a socialist with some tourism into libertarianism and he was
anxious for a debate. I was a little annoyed with the ambush on the
merits of socialism but my position on it is simple enough that anyone
should be able to understand it:

If a group of people want to form a community or collective based on
socialist values then they should be allowed to do so in peace, as
long as all participation is voluntary and they don’t try to harm
anyone in the process.

At first the show host appeared to agree with this idea, but his
support of personal freedom proved superficial as the debate went on.
His argument was “What about all the people in society that need our
help, such as those that are in poverty or are disabled? Don’t we need
a centralized system in place to manage these kinds of problems?”

My response: “By all means, go and help those people if you want to
help them. Just don’t try to force me to do it. I might want to help
them too, but I will do it in my way, not yours.”

And here is where every single socialist shows their true
authoritarian colors – The host then argued that while I might be a
good and charitable person the majority of people, in his mind, are
not. And so, we must all be forced by government to contribute to
society in the manner “society” has deemed appropriate.

There you have it. Like Chomsky, this socialist was appealing to the
greater good as a tool to impose HIS ideological vision onto everyone
else; not to protect the lives and freedoms of individuals, which is
the ONLY purview of government, but to make people participate in the
way HE thinks they should participate. People must be forced to uphold
social standards, and the social standards are coincidentally defined
by the very people that benefit most from collectivism.

At no point do socialists and leftists ever suggest that more
individual freedom might be the best option for elevating the greater
good. Their solutions always involve progressively less freedom for
the individual and more power for the government, the same government
which they expect to control.

To be clear, I’m not talking about silly notions of anarchy, just
constitutional protections for inherent freedoms. The political left
only seeks to erode the liberties codified in the Bill of Rights, and
no matter where they are on the leftist spectrum they all end up at
the same terrible draconian place given the right circumstances.

This is evident as the vax mandates spread around the world, with
nations and states run by leftists now mired in oppression.  The facts
are undeniable – Blue states are enslaved, red states are free.
Leftists support tyranny, conservatives support freedom.  Millions of
people are trying to escape blue states; almost no one wants to
relocate to one.

Even Noam Chomsky, a supposed anti-establishment champion, reverts to
little more than a decrepit dictator rationalizing mass starvation
when the opportunity to enforce vaccine mandates arises. Maybe he is
feeling his mortality along with his age and fear of covid has
overwhelmed his senses. I doubt it. I suspect the promise of
collective power is so intoxicating to all socialists that their masks
and costumes fall away and their true character emerges whether they
want it to or not.

There is not a single shred of scientific evidence to support the
forced vaccination argument. There is not a single shred of proof to
support the claim that an unvaxxed person is a threat to the safety of
anyone else. I’ll say it again – Mandates are not laws, and even if
they were they would be unconstitutional laws. There is nothing legal,
rational, scientific or moral compelling me to submit to an
experimental vaccine. Chomsky and his ilk have no leg to stand on.

So, we are at an impasse. They want power over us, and we will not
give it to them. Therefore, the law of the jungle takes over. The
bottom line is this:

I will not comply with your illegitimate mandates.
IT-WILL-NEVER-HAPPEN. And if you think you can use leverage to force
me to comply, threatening me with poverty and death through economic
discrimination, then I will view your actions for what they are – An
attack on my freedoms and my life. I will therefore respond in kind
and eliminate the threat by any means necessary, and, I will be
justified in doing so, constitutionally, rationally, scientifically
and morally.

Covid cultists like Chomsky, most of them leftists and socialists,
should keep this in mind as they continue down this path. They think
that the greater good is on their side but this is a fantasy driven by
their own hunger for dominance. The question you need to ask
yourselves is this: Do you really think your desire to force the
mandates and your political ideology on me is greater than my will to
stop you and remain free? Are you ready to risk death to impose the
vax mandates? Because I am ready to risk death to end them.

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