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Tough Day for Prosecutors of Kyle Rittenhouse


The feckless Wisconsin prosecutors who are claiming that Kyle
Rittenhouse murdered two men and wounded a third started the first day
hearing from witnesses by figuratively shooting themselves in the
foot. Testimony from the three witnesses–an FBI agent, Richie
McGinniss and Ryan Balch–clearly helped defendant Rittenhouse, who
insists he acted in self-defense.

Richie McGinniss, a reporter for the Daily Caller, was the first on
the stand today:

    McGinniss, who was running behind Joseph Rosenbaum when Kyle
Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum, testified in court on Nov. 4, 2021, that
Rosenbaum “lunged” for Rittenhouse’s gun and “threw his momentum
toward the weapon,” bolstering the defendant’s self-defense argument
and blowing a major hole in the state’s case.

    “It was very clear to me that he (Rosenbaum) was reaching
specifically for the weapon because that’s where his hands went,”
McGinniss testified. He then stood up in the courtroom, putting both
of his hands out, and demonstrated the lunge. He said Rosenbaum was in
an “athletic position” as if he was “running as fast as he could.” The
rifle was aimed lower than Rosenbaum’s hands, which were also going
lower. Rittenhouse “dodged around it,” and then leveled the weapon and
fired, he testified.

    “It appeared he was lunging for the front portion of the weapon,”
McGinniss said, adding that Rosenbaum yelled f*** you, sounding “very

Two important points–Rittenhouse was not pointing the rifle at
Rosenbaum until Rosenbaum “lunged” at the kid and tried to grab the
AR-15. Prosecutors tried desperately to get McGinniss to blame
Rittenhouse, but the Daily Caller video editor held firm. What in the
hell were the prosecutors thinking by putting McGinniss on the stand?
I am sure they had deposed him and knew what he would say. McGinniss’
testimony creates an enormous amount of reasonable doubt on behalf of
Kyle Rittenhouse.

Have you heard the aphorism, “When you’re in a hole, stop digging?”
Well, the prosecutors kept digging. Next up, Ryan Balch:

    Ryan Balch, who was at the chaotic protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin
with Rittenhouse last year, told prosecutors they had a dust up with
Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, after spotting him allegedly trying to light a

    “Rosenbaum was right there in front of my face,” Balch testified
on the second day of Rittenhouse’s homicide trial. “He said, ‘If I
catch you guys alone tonight I’m gonna f–king kill you.’”

    “He threatened me and the defendant,” Balch said.

Rosenbaum’s threat to “f–king kill you” constitutes assault and
certainly buttresses Rittenhouse’s claim that he felt his life was

Before McGinniss and Balch got on the stand, the defense learned that
the FBI (the corrupt as hell FBI) and the prosecutors had been hiding
exculpatory video from the defense. According to PJ Media:

    For more than a year, prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case
have possessed FBI spy video footage taken by a fixed wing plane
flying above the Kenosha riots. Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys
say they only learned of its existence recently. On Tuesday, the
public finally got a look at it.

    It’s pretty clear why the prosecution was playing hide-the-ball
with the evidence and why Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys were the
first to show it in court.

    Over prosecutorial objections, Judge Bruce Schroeder allowed
Rittenhouse’s attorneys to use their opening statement to show photos,
videos, and, yes, the FBI’s FLIR thermal images of the first of three
shootings the night of August 25, 2020. It was an unusual move and one
you’ll see more defense attorneys replicate in the future.

    The thermal technology video answers more than a few questions
about who started what on the night of August 25, 2020. The FBI’s
video conflicts with a story line prosecutors told jurors earlier in
the day in opening statements.

This is just one more piece of evidence exposing the FBI has a
thoroughly corrupt, untrustworthy outfit masquerading as a law
enforcement unit. Given what has transpired with the FBI witness and
McGinniss and Balch, you would think that the defense was being
allowed to put on its case first. Nope, the prosecutors are blowing up
their own case. Keep Kyle and his family in your prayers.

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