[spam][personal][crazy] Trying to Build Bitcoin from Source

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 15:35:20 PDT 2021

it's 1823p and i set a breakpoint on the call that's reporting the dir
to not exist

it appears to be correctly calling stat, not statx

the path is /home/user/.bitcoin .  it' s a sylink to a folder on this raid.

1825  the stat function is defined in /usr/include/sys/stat.h .  it's
an inline that was pleasantly not inlined.  it calls out to __xstat
and is being passed the right folder.  1826

stat returns 0, success.  the structure thgat is output has modes and
uids and inodes and sizes and all that.  1826

1827 ten it gets the mode on line 3253.  it's 16877 .

i am not witnessing the function return "directory" instead of "not
found".  guess this breakpoint is not on the issue.  1827

guess i'd better keep continuing until the problem is hit.  1828

okay.  it says the subfolder .bitcoin/blocks is not found.  is this
true?  yes.  this folder is missing.  1829

errno is 2 now: no such file or directory

i tried typing mkdir /home/user/.bitcoin/blocks on the command line,
and it fails with 'file exists'.  1831

1832 okay when i typed ls to look for the 'blocks' folder, i was
looking at output for the wrong directory.

this issue has a resolution: my blocks folder is a broken symlink.  whew.

1834 bitcoin is running for the first time in quite some time.  my
block database is empty on this system, unsure why.  i can rebuild
things in release mode.

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