Quantum computing as technological determinism

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Nov 5 13:27:02 PDT 2021

Cypherpunks-write-code, techno-determinists look to take a giant step forward with ubiquitous 
quantum computing and associated state-of-the-art quantum-encryption guaranteeing a globalized crypto-anarchist roll-out. 
This has political ramifications for this list that will reward the zealots, the Jacobins, the Leninists and the most extreme radical maximalists. They, in turn will want to punish the pharisee's, the Girondins, the Mensheviks and the infamous and unholy circle-of-eunuchs.

This is a well known phase of all large revolutions - they eat their young. 

I note several list members - OG's not blow-ins - don't seem to have fully grokked this yet.
Maybe a SWAT team arriving at their door might remind them.

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