[spam][personal][crazy] Trying to Build Bitcoin from Source

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 12:34:58 PDT 2021

Bitcoin is like using the blood of the devil to escape hell.  It's a
very powerful reagent but produces strange things around you, like
fires and torture, and your chemotherapist may have bad things to tell
you about your soul.

Or wait, is that something else that does that, other than
cryptocurrency?  Maybe telling people what you're doing on the

Anyway, I'll try more to build bitcoin.

It's 15:17 EDT and I'm booting up a terminal in X.

Okay, I've got my tmux session loaded.  The current issue that when i
run bitcoind, it throws an allocation error trying to allocate a
randomly huge number of bytes long string, inside boost::filesystem.
I've just built boost with debug-symbols=on to see if I can find the

It's 15:20 EDT.  I'm installing a locally built version of boost 77.

I recall I already tried this, and that gcc shows no debug symbols,
dunno.  Right now my install command is for some reason trying to
rebuild everything that was just built.  I guess I'll let it finish
configuring and see if it gets anywhere.

It's 15:21 and i just restarted my boost configuration.

BLARGH!  This is an expression.  it goes "blargh".  It means "things
are happy and joyous in the world I am imagining.  Wouldn't you like
things to be this way outside imagination?"

[added later, see below: part of me thought this was maybe a bad idea
to share, maybe skip it, uncertain:]It was pretty hard the past two
days to do that libusb thing, and left me in a new state of mind.[end
of maybe-bad-idea-to-share, tagging added later, see below]

Ok.  Boost intsalled.  I'll quick try the debug thing again, then look
for the libraries that are missing debug symbols, and troubleshoot
why.  15:23 .

My bits are saying it is inappropriate to share the "It was pretty
hard the past ..." .  It's 15:24 .

The reason I write every tiny thing is because I was brainwashed to
never tell anybody about what happened to me, or how, or store any
evidence about it, or log experiences that help me understand it, or
process it, or put an eeg on my head, or talk to doctors about my
issues, or store records of what i do or what others say to me, etc
etc etc etc.  So, I have spent the past 8 years beating my
well-helmeted head against a wall in attempts to preserve the most
basic information about my life in order to live it at all, and have
suffered extreme memory issues as my worse dissociated parts have
struggled to stop this from happening ... and it is thus a huge
celebration whenever some shred of information of my thought processes
can be preserved in some kind of vaguely temporary record for more
than 30 seconds.

So, maybe the share was a bad idea, I dunno, every feeling-bit has its
own wisdom.  I'll go up and mark it that.  [goes up and does this,
it's 15:26] [i'm back, it's 15:27].

One project I'd really enjoy would be hacking a vnc-like thing to
replay desktop sessions.  That'd be nice.

One of my parts is hitting me harder due to my desire to preserve even
dangerous information.

It's 15:27 and my gdb is not pausing when the exception I want to
debug is thrown.  In fact, it is producing a different error that I
resolved earlier.  Maybe I made an error building boost.

It's 15:28 and i have two things that are logically simple and
psychologically very difficult, to debug!

Here's a monologue:

meanie: karl, you are trying to preserve information, you know this is
evil, we will now torture you
defender: karl is good.  you are bad.  do not hurt him. hurting is
bad.  preserving is good.
meanie: let me help you out a little bit.  okay, technically
preserving is _logically_ considered good, and hurting _logically_
considered bad, but karl and i have a relationship where occasionally
i hurt him when he preserves information.
defender: get back here and help us try to preserve stuff!  is bitcoin
a good way to do that?

i dunno, but i'm trying to compile bitcoin right now.  maybe this
would be easier in a chroot of a system similar to one the devs use.

meanie: please use the binary.  mostly because it makes this faster,
and because it helps me know i have another avenue to compromise your
client with in ways that are hard to debug.  but honestly, using the
binary is so much faster and easier.
karl: i probably don't have a compatible glibc for the binary, but it
is another avenue, although i hear it might be more dangerous, not
meanie: all the hackers are gone, why are you here
karl: i think i'm here because you were scared i might come here on my
own, and wanted ot make sure you were in charge of it, not sure
meanie: cypherpunks list? oh.  right.  kill all the hacktivists.
death to hacktivists!
karl: exactly!
meanie: death to hacktivists?  that can't be right.  is this a trick?

we're trying to build bitcoin, but instead typing random things
obsessively.  things that aren't random, but are very strange for a
mailing list.

so this new old issue (it's 15:32) .... um .... i don't expect it to
happen because it is resolved by a preprocessor symbol that is
correctly being defined.
# ./b2 define=BOOST_FILESYSTEM_DISABLE_STATX debug-symbols=on install
maybe i'll try "clean install" buuuuuuut that could take a long time,
during which i could forget i'm doing this

hmm.  15:34 .  i'll re-debug the statx issue.

i've come back to this email without reason, when i am trying to debug
an issue on my computer.  i'll send the email and use the browser
without plan.  it's 15:34

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