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Fri Nov 5 04:45:34 PDT 2021

On Fri, Nov 5, 2021, 5:32 AM grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Governikus CA

I would prefer a reality without the heightened research in violence that
government enforcement can produce.  But governikus sounds like something
helpful to me _if and only if_ it is not in competition with, but rather
ensures support and protection of, other solutions.  Then it's another key
signature which is great.

Haven't looked to know.

> in my internet nacl hasn't been updated since 2011, maybe I have something
> > wrong but this surprises me.  doesn't look dependency heavy to me.
> https://nacl.cr.yp.to/
> nacl-20110221.tar.bz2
> https://pkg.go.dev/golang.org/x/crypto
> commit 089bfa5675191fd96a44247682f76ebca03d7916
> Date:   Fri Dec 11 22:52:14 2020 -0500

gpg and age are better in those regards.


> I suspect that some of these business/government interests are not aware
> of the incredible degree of stealable power they are growing.
> They are fully aware of it, and are actively leading
> and relishing in that evil.

it's a dangerous game that is getting more dangerous, obviously, and will
put unknown future new entities incredible power.  but means there's lots
of pressure to solve our disagreements, which would be great.

hey technogovs: tech run by norms is dangerous now and we don't know how to
hack you anymore to take you down reliably.  get your activities off the
internet before we're subjugated by another secret force.

> At least we live in democratic countries where we can use cryptography.
> Democracies are no more or less despotic
> than any other form of active government.
> They're just better at hiding it under a shell game
> and at making you feel good.

one learns this when oppressed but overall I personally agree with stefan's
sentiment; expl: I was raised with american middle class messaging, and
i've chatted with people on the internet from areas with forced dress codes
or military drafts.  i've also chatted with usa street people with similar
issues.  luck gives power: using it can take it away.

Who gave any "authority" any authority over you.
> Where is your own self authority to opt out
> and live freely without it?
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