[spam][joke][cryptotragedy] checking signatures on boot media

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 02:31:23 PDT 2021

> Governikus CA

What a cute fucking name, it even sounds all powerful,
instilling fear, and as if some greek named human turned
into gargantuan forcebot.

This stupid idea that governments must be propped up
and be the exclusive ones to do anything and everything...
all hail government, ask no questions, follow orders. Fuck that.
Go create some independant peoples, groups, companies, p2ps,
daos, that do CA in free markets of competition ratings trust etc,
and that don't try to rule over anyone or each other. But if you have
any brain at all, that likes any freedom at all, you're best to
avoid the beastmark entirely.

> would you propose removing only the sigs that are clearly fake? how do
> people judge what is useful?

Whatever levels of key maintenance, and WoT trust
assertions, and degrees of separation accepted,
and whatever else... those are all up to each user to determine,
and have been known as responsibilities and analysis since day one.
If that's too much for people, then don't use the WoT mode.
And or hack out the Uid.
And or don't sign keys.
And or throw keys-ids.

> in my internet nacl hasn't been updated since 2011, maybe I have something
> wrong but this surprises me.  doesn't look dependency heavy to me.


commit 089bfa5675191fd96a44247682f76ebca03d7916
Date:   Fri Dec 11 22:52:14 2020 -0500

Many naclbox implementations typically require go,
which isn't on 90+% of the planet's computers, and only 1%
of the remaining 10 would figure how to use go to make naclbox
go. And it's primarily a library [go/c], not a binary app, which
isn't even shipped as reference by the libraries, which
eliminates another 99.9% who won't code an app for it,
and websearch turns up few docs or binaries for dummies,
and isn't in any major binary package repositories, so naclbox
is useless for at least 99.999999% of the planet.

gpg and age are better in those regards.

> I suspect that some of these business/government interests are not aware of the incredible degree of stealable power they are growing.

They are fully aware of it, and are actively leading
and relishing in that evil.

If people think their Tesla car needs an internet connection,
lifetime storage of all travel information, car registration,
license, etc etc... they are sorely mistaken.

> Well, maybe I am old school and stand behind what I am doing on the Internet.

Nyms are fully capable of and do that too.

> I grew up with the Cypherpunks, who all until today, use their real name.

Superlative, with plenty of well recorded counter evidence.

> Ok. but these people are no longer on this ML.

Some are lurking, under nyms... the former being pretty lame.

> At least we live in democratic countries where we can use cryptography.

Democracies are no more or less despotic
than any other form of active government.
They're just better at hiding it under a shell game
and at making you feel good.

> CA

Central  Authority.
Who gave any "authority" any authority over you.
Where is your own self authority to opt out
and live freely without it?

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