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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 11:22:03 PDT 2021


oookay my android sdk was on the raid array.

time for a quick reboot to simplify things

I often don't reboot my system due to my difficult hitting the "save"
command on my notes.  but recently it was rebooted, so no notes.


my initrd for like a year now does something weird where it doesn't prompt
for my encryption passphrase on boot, until I hit "enter" first.  I haven't
looked into why this is.


tmux is restoring my panes.  all the content is lost, I hear you can fix
that, but I like to pretend that at least organising them in the same
layout preserves the notes a little tiny bit.



yay gradle is downloading dependency aars.  They were changed from apks to
aars some time ago, piratey.

here we go.  ummmmmm I guess i'll run it, then make a change and verify I
know how to rebuild, then try to remember why i'm doing this.



install is hanging, but adb is working, I rerun install

oooh adb stops working.  grumph.  I have a solution to this:  I toggle adb
debugging in android settings.


installed successfully.  run time.


test app failed.  onward.

i'm rebooting the system again to simplify hacking knocked the raid array
again, looking for a test usb device.  note: I have an enclosure to secure
the array better with, indoors.

the system is hanging shutting down, likely due to the raid array having
been knocked and disconnected during use
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