[spam][joke][cryptotragedy] checking signatures on boot media

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 09:26:26 PDT 2021

On Wed, Nov 3, 2021, 9:38 PM grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I thought of sharing the keys I found but they are a few hundred
> megabytes
> The keys are small,
> the fake sigs are the bloat,
> they can be removed,
> leaving a small package again.

would you propose removing only the sigs that are clearly fake? how do
people judge what is useful?  anyway i'm unlikely to put too much time into
fighting with pgp lists more atm, unless needed.

naclbox has quite some dependencies
> for win/mac and even unix users,
> hardly as easy as a gpg or age
> binary dl/pkg or a single compile from tarball.

in my internet nacl hasn't been updated since 2011, maybe I have something
wrong but this surprises me.  doesn't look dependency heavy to me.

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