Assange's Case

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 3 01:02:19 PDT 2021

 "... after 12 years of detention, including seven in the Ecuadorian

Embassy in London. He has in the past attempted suicide by slashing

his wrists. He suffers from hallucinations and depression, takes

antidepressant medication and the antipsychotic quetiapine. After he

was observed pacing his cell until he collapsed, punching himself in

the face and banging his head against the wall he was transferred for

several months to the medical wing of the Belmarsh prison. Prison

authorities found “half of a razor blade” hidden under his socks. He

has repeatedly called the suicide hotline run by the Samaritans

because he thought about killing himself “hundreds of times a day.”

END extract.

Normally I don't buy anything emanating from Camp Assange. But this 

actually chimes with his very public, self-destructive trajectory going from self-described

' revolutionary cypherpunk ' to ' autistic-spectrum journalist ' in the last decade. 

Hopes must now be high for the last days of this Lamo.

And selling all his crypto for half-price may have contributed. 

Hasta luego, loser.  Cheats never prosper.

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