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Tue Nov 2 23:08:19 PDT 2021
CNN host Jake Tapper inadvertently revealed the security theater that
is ‘COVID-safe’ after he tried to reassure people “we took off our
masks just for the photo.”
Apparently, COVID has developed artificial intelligence and knows not
to infect people when they’re doing a photo-op.
“Did you get everyone’s permission in that photo before disclosing
their private medical information?” asked one respondent.
    If you really believed in masks, you wouldn't be taking them off
for anything like this. Please stop the acting.
My son is vaccinated and has to wear a mask all day at school. Why???
“COVID knows not to infect important people when cameras are pointed
at important people,” remarked Lauren Chen.
Merkel takes off her mask to greet the Italian Prime Minister and
gives him a fist bump.
    "And abracadabra, piff-puff-pooph, and covid has left the room!"
It’s all one ludicrous pantomime show.
Bill Sullivan, a vice president with the American Trucking
Associations (ATA), suggested in an interview over the weekend that
some firms likely won’t follow the mandate and will instead just drop
their contracts with the government, saying that the potential loss of
workers would be too great.
Over the recent weekend, 10 attorneys general in Republican-led states
filed a legal complaint against the Biden administration’s federal
contractor mandate, arguing that the move is tantamount to a “power
grab” and would imperil the U.S. economy.
First responders protesting the mandate proclaimed that they are being
treated like “garbage” and “thrown to the trash.”
One firefighter commented, “When we go to calls, we don’t judge and
say are you worth saving?” adding “But now our livelihoods and our
families well being is a question, are we worth it? We never asked
that question during the pandemic.”
NYPD officers also protested Monday by holding a sickout, prompting
the leftist media to go into attack dog mode
An FDNY Firefighter told to go home because of her refusal of the
Mayoral Mandate. Heroes last year, fired this year.
    Due to the unconstitutional mandates being forced upon our
firefighters, members of E243 & L168 are being sent home, thus forcing
the firehouse to close and become out of service. This will put the
lives of New Yorkers at risk and this is only the beginning.
The union leader also slammed critics who are suggesting that
firefighters on ‘sickouts’ are causing staff shortages themselves,
noting “You can’t claim that the unvaccinated firefighters are causing
a staffing shortage because this morning you were sending them home.
So they wouldn’t have been working either way.”

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