Cryptoanarchy depends on dark-markets

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Nov 2 21:34:24 PDT 2021

And like Napoleon's ' Hard cases " these sometimes work on a MAD ( mutually assured destruction ) model.  Dark markets exist where dark-identities live - basically the entire purpose of this list - to send everyone into the dark. Theoretically good dark-money markets will drive out bad. Don't be afraid of the dark!
Its coming as sure as night follows day anyway - as crypto-currencies and quantum encryption takes over the planet.  Dark speech - dark transactions - dark geo-politics - if any of this really bothers you then maybe you're not any kind of cypherpunk. The rest of us will go on trying to navigate this phase transition.

* When Napoleon was asked who would take care of all these hard cases he was sending to Devils island he replied, " Harder cases still ".

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