DarkMarket shut down

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue Nov 2 18:48:44 PDT 2021

Batshit Crazy is like all the corpse-media journalists that have covered APster in the last 25 years.  Complete fucking illiterate morons the lot of them.

If you actually read the AP ( stupid acronym btw ) essay, Part 10 explains how to go beyond dark markets with all the cryptographic bells-and-whistles.  That's the ' Black Box ' version.

Part 10 mentions switching from hard to soft oil drilling and sailing West to get to the East.
Its P2P electronic bounty hunting where the bounty may be any fungible commodity.

Tontine plus internet. Propaganda-of-the-deed networked around the world.
Hardly some great breakthrough to drag something over to the web and drop it.
But anyway - you go with the anarchist army you've got.

CJ's " Dead Lucky " leaned this way - open source  - and in early 2001 I attacked America with it.


In a telephone interview, "proffr" said he is trying to further the ideas of Jim Bell, author of the controversial Assassination Politics essay who was convicted in April of two counts of threatening federal officials.

Bell's essay, written about five years ago, is a thought experiment describing a system designed to intimidate lawless police and politicians by outlining a method through which they could be assassinated. Proffr calls his version Operation Soft Drill, a term Bell also used, and says he wants to intimidate police and corporate polluters into respecting human rights. . . "

I argue a softer form of Soft Drill is now working to create woke capitalist corporations and contribute to cancel culture where Batshit Crazies get driven out with heavy blows rather than being given the benefit of the doubt by Dumbells.

TL'DR - Read the fucking essay before you mouth off like a typical moron journalist.

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