DarkMarket shut down.

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Tue Nov 2 15:59:45 PDT 2021

 On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 09:31:06 AM PDT, Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 <punks at tfwno.gf> wrote:
 >> I consider it utterly irrational that current dark markets are not routinely protected using an AP (Assassination Politics) kind of protection. 

>    Why would they be protected that way? They don't need that kind of protection. They are already perfectly protected by the pentagon's anonimity network, Tor. They are also protected by technofascist 'cypherpunk' cryptography. 'Dark market' operators use the latest technological advances in Smart Phones and their Smart Phones are Crpytographically Protected by Joogle and Crapple. 
>Do you get the Picture Jim? Your Techonafascist GovCorp Technology is Liberating Humanity, it is Military Grade Cryptography, and it can't be cracked!
Don't blame me!   I didn't invent TOR, nor did I choose it to be funded by the US Federal Government!   Nor did I choose its limitations, for a specific example its lack of chaff.  Two years ago, in fact, I proposed an alternate system using individually-owned Raspberry-Pi (?) remailers, not dependent on government funding or regulation.  
So, what makes you sound like I'm the problem?

 >   Also, just THINK about what you just proposed, for a change. In order to have an 'AP' system to protect 'dark markets', you need a 'darkmarket' FIRST. Because, in case you didn't notice, what is 'AP' but a 'darkmarket' for hitmem? Now, there's this little problem that you as a Master Technology Scientist are not seeing. Your 'darkmarkets' DON'T WORK. Isn't it infinitely funny?
Actually, in terms of actual transaction volume, dark markets DO 'work'.  The problem is, they are not 'bulletproof'.    They are not perfect.
Having multiple dark markets, some of which are in charge of an AP-like protection system, presumably means that they will not ALL fail at the same time, right?  Your silly comments sound like they ignore this factor.  You completely ignore the fact that I am not advocating a monopoly.  

  >  Jim Bell's Revolutionary Invention : Use BROKEN 'dark markets' to 'protect' 'darkmarkets'.\
Your illogic is astounding.  

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