Globalism: COP26 G-20 Blowing Carbon Up Your Exhaust At Your Expense

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Mon Nov 1 18:26:32 PDT 2021

Bezos Leads Parade Of 400 Private Jets To COP26 With $65M Gulfstream
As Greta Accuses Leaders Of Betrayal

Hypocrisy and hot air over Glasgow Airport as the 2021 UN Climate
Change Conference, also known as COP26, attracts 400 private jets
carrying world leaders and business executives from around the world.
We want readers to visualize these political and financial elites
flying in on their jet fuel-guzzling private planes as they urge the
rest of us for the next week to eat less meat, drive less, and fly

It seems the world's elite just can't stop ruining childhoods.

According to the Daily Mail, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos 'has led a
400-strong parade of private jets into COP25,' which includes Prince
Albert of Monaco, tons of other royals, and dozens of "green" CEOs -
creating a giant traffic jam which required empty planes to fly 30
miles away to 'nearby' Prestwick to find parking.
Jeff Bezos' Gulfstream (photo: Jamie Williamson)

    On Sunday, MailOnline observed at least 52 private jets landing at
Glasgow - while estimates put the total number flying in for the
conference at 400. Conservative predictions suggest the fleet of
private jets arriving for COP26 will blast out 13,000tonnes of carbon
dioxide in total - equivalent to the amount consumed by more than
1,600 Britons in a year.

    Prince Charles was among those travelling by non-commercial plane
from the G20 in Rome, MailOnline can reveal. Flight records suggest
the plane was an MOD jet. -Daily Mail

Yes, the same Prince Charles hypocritically calling for a "vast
military-style campaign" with trillions at it's disposal in order to
force "fundamental economic transition" when it comes to the

    NOW - Prince Charles claims a "vast military-style campaign" is
required to marshal a "fundamental economic
    — (@disclosetv) November 1, 2021

And, the excuse:

"His Royal Highness has personally campaigned for a shift towards
Sustainable Aviation Fuel and would only undertake travel to Rome when
it was agreed that sustainable fuel would be used in the plane," said
a Clarence House spokesman, who added that so-called sustainable fuel
would be used "wherever possible... from now on."

Boris Johnson flew in from Rome on an Airbus A321 - only to be stuck
circling Glasgow for 20 minutes due to the sheer number of private
jets arriving for the event. Johnson was stuck behind the president of
South Korea - who also flew in from Rome following the G20 conference.
A Dassault Falcon 8X belonging to the Monaco royal family arrives in Edinburgh

    Their private jets…
    — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 1, 2021

Meanwhile, as Johnson took the stage, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg
took to Twitter - retweeting an appeal for her followers to sign an
open letter accusing world leaders of betrayal.

    That's how young people around the world are describing our
governments' failure to cut carbon emissions. And it's no surprise.”

    Almost one million signatures now! Sign here:
    — Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) November 1, 2021

For those without private jets, hundreds of less fortunate COP25
delegates were unable to reach the event due to brutal storms which
crippled railroads and forced people to sleep on the floor of London's
Euston station.

Bezos' appearance comes on the heels of celebrating Bill Gates' 66th
birthday on a nearly $3 million per week superyacht off the coast of
Turkey - reaching the boat by helicopter.

The Amazon founder met with Prince Charles to discuss climate change,
tweeting "The Prince of Wales has been involved in fighting climate
change and protecting our beautiful world far longer than most. We had
a chance to discuss these important issues on the eve of #COP26 —
looking for solutions to heal our world, and how the @BezosEarthFund
can help"

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is expected to create 2.2 million
pounds of carbon to reach the summit - as he's bringing four planes,
the Marine One helicopter, and an enormous motorcade.
President Joe Biden's car, commonly known as 'the Beast', drives along
the M8 motorway near Salsburgh on its way to the summit

Don't these people have Skype?
    — Ciaran Jenkins (@C4Ciaran) November 1, 2021

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