agent grarpamp 'predicts' the poronga virus PSYOP

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Mon May 31 10:18:09 PDT 2021

I originally was wondering about the NEXT false flag attack or inside job

A good one would be a redux of the Anthrax mail game,
but this time say some deadly bio agent in the water supply
killing 10k+ from drinking but without transmitting further.

Folks at US Fort Detrick and RU VECTOR certainly
have that tech on standby, and the meme has been
available to independants for a couple decades now.


	And then we have

	"In August 2019, its deadly germ research operations were abruptly shutdown following serious safety violation" 

	In reality, and contrary to grarpamps current bullshit-pentagon-propaganda regarding china, the false flag attack is purely 'psychological'. 

	Still, it's quite telling that a pretty dubious character like grarpamp made a correct guess in 2018 and now switched to parroting pentagon propaganda for right wing trash(like him).

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