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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon May 31 08:12:38 PDT 2021

It was _so hard_ to do that probability calculation!  Omigod!  My brain is
all confused and I _succeeded_!  It totally works on live data I just need
to go through and fix edge cases.  The first one I poked at was handling
the impact of data from outside the histogram range.  Basically it gets
totally wrong results if that stuff isn't modelled or avoided.

My project is now somewhat interwoven with posting to this list in my mind,
which is a little irritating, so trying to reduce that.

Pushing hard through an inhibition can cause me a huge variety of weird
experiences including forgetting where I am and what I am doing, having
weird beliefs that I am in the middle of other unrelated tasks, etc etc.
As I push more frequently those experiences shift and can improve, but
there's a certain degree of pushing that can do just about anything to your
brain, and I may have hit that again, kinda.  It gets better with practice.

It's confusing!  It's so satisfying to have reached that goal, but I'm not
sure how to continue after it.  My habits for doing something I choose are
all a little injured from the behaviors involved in reaching it.
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