Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon May 31 01:57:03 PDT 2021


If they want to show something, they should do it without
javascript, broken links, too new non-standards, etc,
else people skip them...


If you want to claim and show people that Corona does
not exist, then posting links that are literally counting up
thousands of dead bodies all around the world to make
their claim that it does, is something
which doesn't help your argument.


Different countries, populous, methodologies, criteria, records,
auditors, standards, etc... will obviously yield different rates.

Even attributing 100% of your quoted 250k/yr as Corona fraud
is still far less than the 610k they claim as Corona dead in the US.
That leaves 360k that they claim as truths against your argument,
which doesn't help your argument.

> biggest ... arch-enemies ... their govt propaganda isn't as unhinged

Yet the States you post as amicus to your claim of
nonexistant Corona... are claiming thousands of dead bodies
to their books as Corona literally 102k the two combined,
which doesn't help your argument.

Pick any so said opposing arch-enemies pairings, any
non-non-propagandists, any anti-vassals, anyones fave
dreamy but in fact cuntly shithole State, any size economy...
1000's and 1000's of dead bodies they all claimed,
which doesn't help your argument.

> 750 cases

When claiming non-existance,
accepting any number above zero is something
which doesn't help your argument.

> the medical scumbags lie and murder a lot more than that

> coward

Says he who refuses to drink his own Bat Soup that he
claims is harmless and/or does not exist,
which doesn't help his argument.

Outright denying Coronavirus exists and/or doesn't appear to be
involved in medical cases worldwide, seems a bit silly, but it is of course
something people should definitely continue efforts to prove or disprove.

Claiming that Governments and most everyones actions regarding
are beyond ridiculous utter lunacy, and that every person has
the right to do as they want or not for themselves... seems
just fine... proof evident in news and self.

> 'vaccination rate' in japan is 6%.

If that's doing what each person wants
for themselves, that's fine too.

> bioweapons

Have been created, tested, standby ready, and/or
fake denounced, fake destroyed, fake without ready
records means and interest to replicate, by many
countries, China is no exception.
Else, yes, anyone who wants to would be able to
inspect Detrick and Vector... but you can't.
Yet few pols and media and people seem to have a problem with
that closed-source failure... a shame that might kill them.


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