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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun May 30 14:10:39 PDT 2021

Sorry for posting more, but my cognition is so contextual, and obviously
that answer is wrong.

The wrong part I found is that I am assuming binheight specific samples
need to be chosen, when really eaxctly sampbinheight samples need to be
chosen from a popbinheight constant set among popcount.

The sampcount - sampbinheight samples that are not involved are still the
similar (popcount - popbinheight) ^ (sampcount - sampbinheight) total

Then we have popbinheight many population samples that are selected exactly
sampbinheight times from sampcount selections.

Maybe the combinations can give us how many different decisions it can
occur in, and then maybe

Noting that simulating this is important because it is so hard for me to
verify logical things.

If combinations are the factor, then the next queation would be how many
different ways can we select sampbinheight items from popbinheight items.
Here, do we want the count of ordered lists, or the count of unordered sets?
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