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> > Juan, do you know anything about the fake-looking websites that replace
> the
> > normal websites of controversial projects once they get well-known?
>         for instance?

I'm confused right now, no good links after my experiences, sorry.

Here's a reasonable one: while i was volunteering with coal extraction
resistance in west virginia some years ago, I learned that an activist
effort had been lost because one of the members had portrayed the activism
as illegal to authorities, and then testified to this at trial.  What was
unfortunate is that these activists were running a whistleblowing website,
for workers and residents to leak misbehaviors of the corporation so they
could be acted on and reversed, and this person who was no longet trusted
by the community, stayed in charge of that website for the years going

Often when I ran into non-techy non-funded groups online or offline they
were having serious website troubles and nobody knew how to get things onto
it or change it.

> One group I know lost access to their website multiple times, the old
> > website stayed up and google directed people to it, they had to register
> a
> > new domain name ...
>         that sounds like the domain registrar stole-censored the domain
> name, which is exactly what I  expect the ICANN mafia to do.

My dad used to run a domain registrar.  Expiration deadlines are a big

> > Do you have any opinions on this?
>         it's business as usual?

Kinda one-sided if the group's not a business I guess?
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