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> Keep claiming that Corona doesn't exist and/or isn't
> killing or contributing to death by other causes, that
> there aren't any statistical excess death rates, new hospital
> situations, etc. All without providing any evidence,

	you want more evidence, FUCKTARD?

	12,800 fake flu deaths during SEVENTEEN months of FAKE PANDEMIC. That's a fuckingly hilarious count of 750 deaths per month in a country of 130 million people. And of course, ~80% of those deaths are people 70 years old and above. 

	If you don't understand that a count of 750 cases of medical fraud per month is actually incredibly low, and that the medical scumbags lie and murder a lot more than that, then you are waay more stupid than average. 

	Here's more evidence, FUCKTARD
Globally, it is estimated that 142,000 people died in 2013 from adverse effects of medical treatment; this is an increase from 94,000 in 1990.[1] However, a 2016 study of the number of deaths that were a result of medical error in the U.S. placed the yearly death rate in the U.S. ALONE at 251,454 deaths, which suggests that the 2013 global estimation may not be accurate.

	Bottom line of course is that you are an ignorant cowardly technofascist like your MIC-musk pal jim bell and believe whatever lies your pseudo scientific masters feed you. Because like I said you are a coward who's afraid of the flu and believe in 'science'. 

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