Coronavirus: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 29 19:30:45 PDT 2021

Keep claiming that Corona doesn't exist and/or isn't
killing or contributing to death by other causes, that
there aren't any statistical excess death rates, new hospital
situations, etc. All without providing any evidence,
or any alternative medical explanation.

Keep refusing to drink a vat of your Corona Bat Soup,
and spending your days away from volunteering in
your local Corona wards without wearing any PPE
to help take care of your fictionary sick people.

So basically you're full of shit regarding whatever
bug it is that is obviously new and floating around.
Not even the hospital nurses doctors etc that people on this list
know in real life will universally outright deny that the way you do.
Nor will they or people they know who became ill
with some illness they've not seen before.

At least you acknowledge that the GovCorp Media and Politicians
and Social Tech are full of shit.

But it takes hundred of constant lies spread across many subject
areas and time to put and keep population under subjugation.

Yet to say that they have somehow grown the ability to
completely manufacture and foist a single new major and utter fiction,
globally across all countries and cultures, and call it Corona...
seems a bit of a stretch,
and carries with it a commensurately high risk of global revolt.

Why bother when their thousand lies method was still working perfectly well?
Are they that fucktardedly stupid to take that risk?
Have their combined powers reached that level?
What changed to motivate them to do it?
For what gain?
And why now?

You decide.

But at least start linking some actual evidence,
or write some actual long form discourse on it beyond your
puerile useless readily ignorable half sentence violent
aspie rage spasms that most thus won't ever bother
to begin to consider or comprehend.

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