Spin-Isotope/Spin-Isotope interactions detected

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Sat May 29 11:47:39 PDT 2021

Gizmodo: Physicists Caught Two Atoms 'Talking' to Each Other.
Jim Bell's comment follows

"Eureka!!!"This is EXACTLY the effect that I've long anticipated would exist!  It is the very basis of many (most?) of my isotopic inventions.
Two close atoms, each with 'spin', INTERACT due to their (physically close) magnetic fields.
Eventually, after this is fully accepted, this will be seen as obvious:. Why shouldn't two nearby magnetic dipoles interact by their magnetic fields?
This will be seen to be the basis for most of my isotope-modified alloy inventions.  In time, this will be recognized to explain why there are 'eutectics', as I've long recognized.
Here is the lead/tin phase-diagram, the basis for the long-used "63 tin/37 lead" "eutectic solder" that is now out of favor due to its toxic lead content.

Notice that the melting point of this alloy is at a minimum at the point where the tin content is 63% by weight, and the lead content is 37% by weight.
This, I've long believed since early 2009, is caused by the contents of lead-isotope Pb-207, the only stable lead isotope with 'spin', making up 22.1% of natural lead atoms.https://www.webelements.com/lead/isotopes.html
Similarly, tin in nature consists of ten (!) stable isotopes, of which three contain nuclei with 'spin'. Sn-115, Sn-117, and Sn-119.
Note:.  This coupled-'spin' effect is presumably NOT the basis for my isotope-modified optical-fiber invention. In that, passing infrared photons 'kick'  'spin'-containing atoms, losing a tiny amount of energy with each interaction.  That loss leads to the tiny residual of 0.1419 dB/kilometer of optical loss that Sumitomo Electric found in 2017.https://global-sei.com/company/press/2017/03/prs029.html
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