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On Sat, 29 May 2021 06:37:45 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> I posted back then that even simple netflow analysis by
> cooperated ISP's, tier-1's, etc could be used to match
> and discover endpoints. Then Tor/MPerry rolled out this padding.
> It has some level of benefit against some netflow analysis
> under certain use cases.

	translation : it's just for show and mostly useless.

> As with other "Tor Stinks  -- NSA", it doesn't defeat
> other more general powerful forms of end2end 

	just one sample

	"Narus is noted for having created NarusInsight, a 'supercomputer' system, whose installation in AT&T's San Francisco Internet backbone gave rise to a 2006 class action lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against AT&T, Hepting v. AT&T" 

> Tor Project sees full chaff as incompatible with their views
> of users needs and nodes, thus they will never implement it.

	lawl - the torturds know it's 'incompatible' with the orders they get from the pentagon. No need to even pretend that their excuses are 'bona fide'. 


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