grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 29 03:37:45 PDT 2021

I posted back then that even simple netflow analysis by
cooperated ISP's, tier-1's, etc could be used to match
and discover endpoints. Then Tor/MPerry rolled out this padding.
It has some level of benefit against some netflow analysis
under certain use cases.

As with other "Tor Stinks  -- NSA", it doesn't defeat
other more general powerful forms of end2end and or
endpoints analysis, or cover other use cases.

One general form of full chaff has been mentioned
that might be able to do that, and even disable some
active attacks that traffic analysis could pick up.
It is yet unexplored whether that chaff could be done
via the anti-netflow apparatus above.
Tor Project sees full chaff as incompatible with their views
of users needs and nodes, thus they will never implement it.

Tor Project is already arbitrarily claiming bogus reasons to
kill off users reasonable and rightfully self gauged tradeoffs
made regarding their own free choice to use IPv6 and UDP
applications across tor v2 onions using tor + onioncat,
users will never be able to use those apps, including say
voice/video chat, bittorrent, future protocols.

Tor Project Inc and its minions prefer to silence, censor, kick,
and ban independent voices than credit and or address critique.

Tor Project Inc just censored at least two more messages
in support of tor users in one week. Tor Project claims to be
about anti-censorship, they are hypocrites, that is sad, and
might likely end up being more than a bit dangerous to users.

Tor Project gets paid $Millions of dollars to do these things.

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