[old] Apertus Protocol

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri May 28 12:53:03 PDT 2021

Apertus is one of the very first blockchain social network
implementations, from around 2014.  I found their websites by scanning
old block content after I was first targeted and isolated.  It's
surprising that their git repository has so few contributers, given
they are visible in early block content.

Apertus has a functional client written in C# for windows machines,
and a public web portal to view and share content on.  The web portal
recently went down for a few years with sketchy surroundings, for me.
It is up now at http://bitfossil.com/ .  SSL is not working for me,
not sure whether that's specific to me.  (and of course memo.cash's
primary compromised portal is at https://memo.cash/ )

Apertus's logo of the hand with the eye is similar to the Jainism
symbol of Ahimsa.  It means to prevent all harm and all suffering.


Apertus forms a network of authenticated immutable data storage and
social networking on top of existing blockchains. It supports any
network which uses the the bitcoin core rpc protocol, and comes with
configurations for the following networks:

Bitcoin Testnet
Litecoin Testnet
Primecoin Testnet
Dash Testnet
I (xloem) glanced a little through the source code and started
composing this page. Improvements are welcome.

Transaction format
Data is stored in a hierarchy of transactions, built bottom-up. The
first layer is the archive data itself. This data is then indexed via
ledger transactions, which are themselves indexed in ledgers, ending
in a single root ledger transaction which represents the entire

Archive transactions
Data is split into chunks of size equivalent to the maximum address
payload size of the coin in question. Transactions contain these
sequential chunks as dummy recipients. If a recipient would be
duplicated, or transaction size is exceeded, the transaction is sent
and a new one is begun. Transactions which would be entirely duplicate
are skipped. Data is terminated by a set of actual transactions
sending tips to real recipients, representing in order:

keywords (#)
recipients (@)
profile / folder
Ledger transactions
Ledger transactions are archive transactions which store a text file
indexing archives. The data content consists of one transaction id per
line, in text. The root ledger contains only one transaction.

Data Format
Example File Format
THIS IS A LONG TEST..TXT>00000000000022?THIS IS FILE CONTENTS.##################
Example Message Format
>000000000000000009*thnk you.###########
Current Delimiters

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