Karl gmkarl at
Fri May 28 07:10:29 PDT 2021

I'm looking at orbot and seeing it has "circuit padding" now.  I don't know
whether this meets the requirements of chaff, and would like to know.

I want to point out that zenaan harkness compiled posts from this list
about research attributes a technology needed, to stay anonymous. I haven't
read them, myself: I'm only aware of the chaff issue.

My way of making change in the world is to make a strange stink that could
get authorities to take action for something unrelated.  When they take the
action, they stumble on information about corruption impact and try to fix
the situation.  Repeat until actually fixed, shift environments if needed.

If I can get message delivery working for this list again, I can stick
around to stay on issues like the forthrightness of Tor for defending
journalists and activists.  It would be helpful to know what is actually

I am very very very slow.  Yes I do likely have schizophrenia and am
posting this like a dream, yes I was brainwashed by something like a
corporate mafia, and yes you can't clean up a blockchain on a timescale
that anybody cares about.
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