[ot] attempting to process list connection

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 27 01:43:04 PDT 2021

gmail's not delivering messages from this list to me, despite a filter I set up.

I was never sure why I started posting to this list, anyway.

Somebody got spam-filtered recently, and while dissociated, doing my
brainwashed habits, I replied with pressure towards them, rather than
giving them care.  I'm thinking about that while I experience
disconnection from the list.

But moreso, I'm thinking about why I am connected to this list at all.
If I understood why I was here, it would make more sense to act on it.

It would be really nice to get lists run by something like
blockchains, with open logs.  I'm sure that Greg would appreciate
having less list burden if anybody implemented that.  I'm thinking I'd
like to use the pressure around not receiving from the list, to
resolve mailing list censorship in general, somehow.  I bet gnunet has

.... <~~confusion~~> ... I don't have any experience with remailers,
unfortunately, or usenet.  It slightly sounds like a solution that the
list members would find familiar and agreeable, might involve existing
email systems and software.  But I'm so crazy I'm unlikely to complete
anything that others even recognise as usable ;p

I think that's a nice place for the pressure to go, though.

In other news, my first feeling for handling this was to set up a
local mail server on a tor hidden service.  Makes the delivery chain
controllable.  That seems like a reasonable next step up from e-mail.
Not sure if I'll actually do it, though.

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