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Tue May 25 16:47:40 PDT 2021

Segregation, Jim Crow, apparently didn't die with Civil Rights,
now you got sections for all them unvax folks, courtesy
the historically racist Democrats in their big cities...
"Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial
segregation in the Southern United States. These laws were enacted in
the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern
Democrat-dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove
political and economic gains made by black people during the
Reconstruction period. Jim Crow laws were enforced until 1965."

"Decided To Divide" - Chicago Segregates Restaurants For Un-Vaxx'd

If you want any more evidence COVID-19 has been a pandemic of
inequality - take, for example, Chicago restaurant owners, who plan to
introduce vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections, according to CBS

This brings us back to the 1990s when there were restaurants offering
smoking and smoke-free sections. The division is clear, and the
vaccine is dividing us all.

Chicago officials are still in the reopening phase and plan to be
fully open by July 4. Per new guidance from Mayor Lori Lightfoot,
businesses can operate with no restrictions as long as there is a
section for vaccinated people.

This weekend, at Moe's Cantina Chicago, neon bracelets will be handed
out to vaccinated people where they can mingle in an unrestricted
section in the restaurant. For everyone else, the unvaccinated section
will have socially distanced tables and partitions.

"We decided to divide, and you're free to come on this side, go to the
bar. You can be pre-pandemic," said owner Sam Sanchez.

Sanchez said customers would have to show proof of their complete
vaccination history to relax in a no restriction section that
resembles a pre-COVID world.

The discrimination against people who are vaxxed and non-vaxxed is
made part by Lightfoot's liberal run City Hall, who announced last
week, "establishments can operate without COVID-19 restrictions within
their establishment if only vaccinated patrons and employees are
allowed in within that area."

Sanchez serves as Chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Association and
says the direction the city government is taking "is to get the
economy back to normal."

Good intentions may very well lead to a two-tiered society where the
"vaxxed" discriminate against the "non-vaxxed."

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