Cryptocurrency: Its Energy/Carbon Far Less Than Costs of Legacy Financial System

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue May 25 12:56:20 PDT 2021  Crypto: No Regulators

The entire Legacy Global Financial System, all the
surrounding elements it consumes, including all the
buildings, vehicles, shipping, legal system, markets,
all its insane regulation, spyveillance, data storage selling,
politic, etc... the whole ENTIRE system that Crypto will
displace, all of it, all its elements, ALL IN NET TOTAL.

Did you somehow think the Anti Cryptocurrency
pro Bankster and authoritarian Govt regimes, that
crypto will eventually deprecate, would actually calculate
and tell you the truth about their all in net waste?

Telling the truth is not in their survival and ruling interests.
The truth will only hasten their demise.
And once the green movement learns the truth
they will jump in and help dismantle the wasteful
Legacy Financial System even faster.

Did you somehow think cryptos would never
evolve more efficient algorithms, that eco-power
would never cost less than pollution, that crypto
capital would not move and grow and evolve
and even deploy its own eco power generation,
that once Legacy systems die off crypto's cost
needed to displace them shrinks to maintenance mode,
that the crypto sphere is not made up of highly moral
people who care even more about the environment
than the corrupt wasteful Legacy systems that
crypto will replace?

Think again.

See the other threads, do the work to add up
all the gigawatts, carbon tons, hectares, liters, etc
that Legacy systems wastes and uses up.

Look at the human costs, the wars, the
misallocated resources that these Legacies
have hands in perpetuating.

The honest "all-in" analysts are right, the anti-crypto
FUDsters are wrong. Even ARK, whose ETF structure
will be DeFi'd, is among those getting the analysis right.

Lots of honest all-in whitepapers on the Energy/Carbon
topic are out there, with many more coming this year.

Oppressing, taxing, regulating, middlemanning, defrauding,
censoring, ruling people, corrupting, wars, and jailing freedom...
costs $Trillions globally annually, and that you are forced
to pay for, not only by their outright theft under threat of jail
and death, but in the growing non-freedom outcomes.

Liberation, voluntary societies, free markets, charity,
and freedom, are far more efficient. A net win for all :)

Crypto will win, and humanity will be freed from
the legacy financial system (and its newly minted
fraudulent nightmare, CBDC's).

Don't ever let the FUDsters fade or stop your
development, use, and adoption of distributed
privacy enabled cryptocurrencies.

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