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Greg Newby gbnewby at
Tue May 25 09:48:20 PDT 2021

Hi, Karl. The list was a bit quiet yesterday. Perhaps cpunks were outside in the Big Blue, or otherwise engaged. I sent a note that you should have received.

On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 12:11:26PM -0400, Karl wrote:
> Hey Greg,
> Can you confirm that people _subscribed_ to the list experience a spam
> filter now?  I thought my emails were getting spammed due to not being
> subscribed, but it turns out this address is, actually, subscribed; I
> was told this when I attempted subscribing.

Yes, there are a few standard spam filters and related mechanisms on the server. This includes Spamassassin, DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. These have been in place since the list moved to a few years ago.

Just in the past days, in Spamassassin, I turned off use of the blacklists, since they have occasionally been problematic.

I have not observed any messages from you that were flagged as spam or rejected.

However, sometimes messages are rejected before they get to the list or to me - if this happens to you, then (a) you will get a bounce from the (a.k.a., server, and (b) the message won't go into the archive.

None of this is nefarious or specific to cpunks. Other than the change mentioned to remove the blacklists from Spamassassin, all of this stuff is out-of-the-box with Ubuntu.

> In other news, I haven't been receiving mails from the list recently
> (recent mails in the archive aren't in my inbox yet), not sure if it
> matters.

Yes, you are subscribed. Only subscribers can submit, and your messages are going through and in the archive. If you are not certain whether your message went to the list, first check the archive via (no login required). 

If you are not getting copies of your own messages, there is a setting for this that everyone can select for their own subscription. Use the web interface at to login to the list and see your settings.

You can opt to get a copy of your own messages, and you can also get an "ack" email message when your message was posted. The default is to *not* get a copy of your own messages, and to *not* get an acknowledgment. 

HOWEVER, gmail absolutely positively will not show you a copy of your own message!! Even if you set the list (via Mailman) to send you a copy. It will silently discard it or otherwise mask it. This is a gmail thing that is well-known and does not have a workaround that I've heard about.

If you are seeing other people's messages in the list archive, but not getting them in your inbox, the first thing to check is your Gmail Spam folder. If messages still don't arrive within a few minutes, send me details and I can check the server logs to see whether delivery was attempted and what happened.


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