[semi-spam] sdr struggles continue

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat May 22 13:49:01 PDT 2021

>> It seems ridiculous to me, as a lifelong hobby algorithm
>> researcher, to require an expensive radio with an fpga,
>> to implement a sample algorithm, when computers have massive
>> gpus nowadays and common math libraries to use them.  I'm
>> sad the researchers implemented their algorithm on an fpga,
>> making it harder for people to use
> the reason FPGA's are so common, particularly in TX scenarios
> is that time constraints for low level protocols are extremely
> tight. there is a non-trivial amount of latency for a round-
> trip to the bus, and then operating system is non-real-time.
> if you are receiving only, then this becomes less important
> so for your use case, maybe just downcoverters and RTL-SDR?
> keep going! you'll only make it better :)

makes sense.  great for the military.

designing for fpgas isn't very common; esoteric both to have and
program.  if you can change what you're doing to support higher
latency, more people can help you build and improve it.  but it looks
like more people are learning fpgas in the next couple decades.

i infer a lot of commercial protocols require low-latency.  haven't
learned about them.

it's kind of you to translate with me a little.

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