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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat May 22 04:53:23 PDT 2021

I am so excited that I got to work on my shielding testing ideas a little
bit more!

The gnuradio qt block "time raster" is really inspiring.  Given a
packetlength it aligns the data along that length, so it can be used for
visualising unknown packet signals like clocked refresh emissions.  I dunno
where I'm supposed to learn that but I didn't know about this block for
years and years.

Of course I am using it for developing "noiscillate" which is my personal
project for measuring shielding effectiveness without a high quality radio.

Long ago, before schizophrenia, I could complete something like this within
a few weeks, so it is very confusing to me for it be taking years and
years, and I'm not sure that I'm making the right decisions around it.

One high quality radio my father gave me long ago I don't know where is,
the other one is a N210 I got to test the new wideband scanning research
people were linking back and forth a bit ago.  Unfortunately I don't have a
daughterboard for my N210 yet, and it doesn't look like something I should
try to figure out how to afford until next month.  Still, it's cool you can
purchase the radio in parts like that.

It seems ridiculous to me, as a lifelong hobby algorithm researcher, to
require an expensive radio with an fpga, to implement a sample algorithm,
when computers have massive gpus nowadays and common math libraries to use
them.  I'm sad the researchers implemented their algorithm on an fpga,
making it harder for people to use.  But I imagine it is how they were
trained, from before using gpus for math was common.  Probably makes it
much easier to work with massively high sample rates, which the N210 nicely

I'm currently rebuilding gnuradio.  Somehow my "debug" build folder got
reconfigured for "release" before I last installed it.  I'm now getting a
crash in the library whenever I run some graph containing a receiver block,
and there are no symbols to debug it with.

The form of noiscillate is simple and I've mentioned it before on the list,
but it's very hard for me to physically reach my work and cognitively go
through the motions of continuing it.  I appreciate the stability offered
by gnuradio blocks, where if I clean my block up enough I could share it
with the gnuradio tree, giving future people something to stumble upon if I
fail to continue my small work.
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