[fiction] Writing an Operating System Before Breakfast

Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 20 23:19:51 PDT 2021

Obviously this is not intended for anyone who take offense at it; it's not
about you; it is just a persistent experience.

A random bully joined a computer mailing list full of people who could
write an operating system before breakfast.

"Hi peeps!  It is so cool that you can write an entire operating system
before breakfast!  How do you keep all those system details in your heads?
Your minds must be so huge!"

 "Uhh.. What's an operating system?  I do a little exercise before

"... this is the list of people who write operating systems before
breakfast, isn't it?"

 "Yes, definitely, that's us!"

 "So, do you write an operating system before breakfast?"

 "Sometimes.  On my good days.  All the time, really."

 "Great.  I have some trouble with my operating system.  Do you know what a
kernel panic is?"

 "Sounds like when you need to buy more precut corn?"

 "No ... a kernel panic is an operating system thing!  You like operating
systems, right?"

 "I love to write them before breakfast.  I have a notebook for it and

 "Okay, so, computers are made of assembly language and posix signals."

"Foreign languages and secret messages?"

 "Something like that.  _assembly_ language and _posix_ signals."

 "Assembly and posix."

 "Yes!  Now, say that more, please."

 "I was speaking assembly language before breakfast but didn't write my
posix signals well enough."

 "Great!  You've got it!  I'm happy to be part of your list."
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