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Karl gmkarl at gmail.com
Thu May 20 22:54:32 PDT 2021

> > Greg,
> >
> > I'm calling this out because of the inconsistencies in our
> > communication.  As long I don't see signatures, I keep waiting for
> > men-in-the-middle to work with us in the forthright manner they
> > deserve.
> You mean, digital signatures like gpg? True that I don't usually do that...

Lots of trust for networks?

I've personally engaged in mitm attacks myself, if it's relevant.  Small
thing in college long ago.

> What are your thoughts on Punk not having subscribed?  He seems to
> > usually attend closely to the list.
> No, that's not the problem this time. And, I see he subscribed an
> alternate address, which is a good temporary workaround for the blacklist
> issue.

I don't understand.  It doesn't look like I will any time soon, as what you
say doesn't seem to line up with what you said before.  Hope you and your
list are well.

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