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Thu May 20 15:00:59 PDT 2021

Tagged spam because I'm really confused and not sure what I'm saying.  And
because I'm still learning about Vikings myself.

I have made two gnuradio blocks!  I am a tiny hero!


Using gnuradio blocks lets one move towards working with open freedom
Gnuradio blocks are all documented at the gnuradio wiki.

Everyone's goal of course is a general-purpose workbench, but you have
to start somewhere.

Pad Crop Block:
    This is useful for organising wave periods together while
adjusting theorised periods.
            note: there may be helpful blocks under Resamplers to
shrink the waves for display if the sample rate is high
                  rescaling could also be added to pad/crop, or sdl
video, but gnuradio's way seems to be to use a hier block to move
towards user design
    Connect these:
        Stream Tag Tools->Stream to Tagged Stream
                        configure this to guess the period of the waveform
        openemissions->Tagged Stream Pad/Crop
        Video->Video SDL Sink
                        configure the pad/crop block to output the
periods aligned with the video width
                        now any similarities between them are visually
clear as vertical bars

PiGPIO Sink Block:
    This is useful for driving hardware based on a time-synchronised signal.
    In Karl's noiscillate experiment, he has a noise generator
connected via a relay to a raspberry pi pin.

    Connect these:
        Waveform Generators->Signal Source
                        configure to a square wave with a low frequency
        openemissions->PiGPIO Sink
                        oscillate power to a device using a relay
                        now the same flowgraph can be used
mathematically to compare the signal environment with and without the
device powered
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